I can feel
your warmth
pressed up against me

I can feel
the weight of your arm
the weight of your gaze
against my skin

With my eyes closed
I can feel
how happy
how safe
I would be
if you were really


Another Day

Chest tight, fingers shaky.
Stomach twisted, aching.
Breath uncertain.

My pain is like withdrawal,
the absence of your love,
your touch, your voice,
affecting me like nothing else.

Anxiety and uncertainty
are what my days are filled with.
I don’t know what comes next.

I’m trying to learn who I am,
what I am,
Now that I’m on my own.
Am I still me?
How can I be when I feel like half of a whole?

I can’t cope with knowing
that today
is another day I don’t have you.


Do your hands
know every inch,
every line of me?

When we lie tangled
your hands
trace my skin
thumbs always caressing

eyebrows eyelashes
nose cheeks chin
lips ears neck

arms hands fingers
ribs bellybutton hips
thighs knees ankles

Do you know them all?

Have you
memorized the feel
of me yet?

My smile under your
my breath against
your neck
the rise and fall
of my chest

Is every piece
of skin
that your hands
have unfailingly retraced
etched permanently
in your mind
the way all of you
is in mine?

Nature Trails

Sun pierces through the roof of leaves
to touch the damp ground
to dry the rocks strewn about our path.

The Easy Trail is far too easy,
much too short,
and the Popular one not quite long enough.
But everything is lush
and green
and beautiful.
The roots provide nature-made stairs,
the trees are nature’s benches.

Off the Popular Trail our group is alone
just us and nature
us and the trees
us and the sound of rushing water.

Inspired by a trip to Bushkill Falls, PA.