Back On The Horse

I know it’s been radio silent here on my blog lately, but I’m here to say I’ve started writing again! (Woo hoo!)  Okay, okay, hold your applause guys, it’s not that exciting.  And it doesn’t actually mean that my blog will be that much less empty.

Over a year ago I got a novel-writing kit (No Plot? No Problem!) as a gift but I never opened it.  I found it yesterday while reorganizing my bookshelf and cracked it open on a whim.  And so I’ve decided to follow its novel-writing advice and am embarking on a 30 day writing challenge.  Typically, these challenges are a month-long adventure, starting on the first day of the month, and ending when that month comes to a close.  And I wanted to do that, but there was a problem.  February only has 28 days!  How can you do a 30 day challenge in 28 days?!  (Though, I can’t be too mad at February.  It is my birthday month after all.)  I knew that I could always just wait until March and start then, but that option didn’t seem so appealing.  Plus knowing myself as well as I do, I know that I will lose all ambition to try the challenge if I wait.  So I’m being unorthodox and doing my challenge from January 31st through to March 1st.

I’ve completed one day of writing (2,000 words so far out of 50,000!) and I feel pretty accomplished.  I suppose I’ll be documenting my progress, or lack of, here so you can cry, rejoice, and bleed along with me.


So, what do you think?

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