I’m rewriting my novel.  Well, trying to rewrite my novel.  The truth is, I’m not even sure where to start.  I have at least three different versions of the story, a bunch of notes and a few half-written scenes as well.  Overwhelmed doesn’t even cover it.

When I started this story I was fourteen years old.  That was six, almost seven, years ago!  I don’t even remember where the idea for the story came from or what my end goal was.  Part of me wonders whether I should just junk the whole thing and move on…  But I can’t do that.  So much work went into this story!  Even though it’s not cohesive and all over the place, I just can’t delete it.  Besides, the fourteen year-old me would be very put out.

So slowly, very slowly, I’m reading through all the versions of my novel and am attempting to make an outline.  And do you know what I’ve realized?  My story has no plot!  It’s a novel without a point with a lot of fluff.  Well written fluff, but still.  I guess plot lines weren’t really high on my list six years ago.

How do you rewrite a novel that doesn’t even have plot or a direction?  Because I have no idea.

Help.  This project may or may not be the death of me.


2 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. I’ve just been there Kyla. I’ve worked on my current novel for years and have only recently revised it after some feedback, but I found it so hard to get going. In the end, I decided I’d enter it in a competition, which had a deadline and that’s what ultimately spurred me on to get it done.

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