On My Own | Daily Prompt: Far from Home

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

I’ve traveled a lot in my 20 short years.  Family road trips to Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Washington DC.  I went to Disney (twice) and when I was very young we visited family in Washington State.  I’ve even been to places outside the United States.  There was a family trip to Dominica, small nature island in the West Indies, and we spent some time in Puerto Rico on our journey there and on our way back home.  When I was 16, my mother, my aunt and I went to Italy for a week on an EF Tours trip.

The trip that took me the farthest from home though, was my trip to Greece (also with EF Tours).  It was the first (and only) major trip I had ever taken without my family.

I was convinced something would go wrong.  What if I forgot something, or if I got sick?  What if I couldn’t use the calling cards to call home, or if I had the wrong power converter for my rechargeable items.  Everything worked out fine, of course, but it was a scary experience.

My trip to Greece was an amazing opportunity for my friends and I, and I would love to be able to go back someday.

Greek flag.


Group shot!


Cape Sounion, site of the Greek temple of Poseidon.


Cape Sounion, site of the Greek temple of Poseidon.


 Daily Prompt: Far from Home


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