Library | Daily Prompt: Dream Home

My dream house.  There’s something I’ve thought about constantly, but only in regards to one thing: my library.  I’ve always said that when I have my own home I will have a library.  Preferably one with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves, a fireplace, and stairs to a second floor. Oh, and a very comfy chair by the window (or a window seat, either will work). That’s not asking a lot right?

Anyone who’s a major bibliophile gets it.  A home library is a must.  We need a place to store our babies!

If I read I good book I hold on to it, or buy it if it was a read someone lent me, or property of my local library.  I’ve been reading for years and these books are adding up!  Then there are the books I’m buying to add to my Tolkien collection (I’m a Tolkienite, you caught me!)

Currently, half (or maybe a third) of my books are on my well used, sagging bookshelf, and the books that my shelf doesn’t have space for? – they’re all piled neatly in an old laundry basket.  That library is looking pretty good right now!

Realistically my library, if I ever get one, won’t be two floors, or have a fancy fireplace (I’m not letting go of the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves or the comfy seat by the window though), but it’s fun to dream!

Daily Prompt: Dream Home


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