The seat lurches over the top and your stomach drops.  Your butt lifts off the seat and suddenly there’s nothing under your feet.

Your world turns upside down, then right side up, upside down and right again.  The cage you’re in is pulling you in circles.  It clanks and creaks and cracks and makes all sorts of unhealthy sounds as it propels you around and around.

You clench the bars before you like a lifeline as the ride plays tricks with gravity.  The ground rushes up to meet you as the cage swings downward and you scream, but all of a sudden you’re swinging back up toward the sky.

Laughter and screams and music are all around you, and from up high you can see the whole fair as you whirl through the air.  All the lights all the people.  The ride dips one more time and you’re no longer sure what’s up and where’s down.  You squeeze your eyes shut.

When it’s over you say you loved it, you’ll definitely go on again.  But your hands are clenched tight to stop the shaking and your throat feels raw.


So, what do you think?

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