Pen and Paper

Sitting down and jotting words in a notebook.  This is something I haven’t done in months.  Years possibly.

I do all my writing on my laptop.  Computers are great.  They’re fast and easy to use, and they’ve got that nifty spell check capability too.  What more could a writer need, right?

But they just can’t compare.  There’s just something so satisfying, so cathartic, about putting pen to paper and turning an empty sheet into a story.

I did that last night.  I found an old notebook and a pen and scribbled away through the wee hours of the morning.  And it just felt good.

I’ve decided I will write in a notebook more often.  I love the feeling last night has given me, this feeling that I’ve rediscovered.  I remember now why I fell in love with writing to begin with.


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