Love Online | Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century

For this challenge, we want you to write about 21st-century love. We encourage you to get personal and share your own story, but if you don’t want to go that route, we welcome commentary, opinion, and even humor pieces on your definition of love in this modern age.

Sending a message to the stranger behind the cute profile picture is nerve-wracking.  What if they don’t answer?  Or worse, what if they do answer and they tell you they’re not interested?  Or they say something rude and self-esteem crushing?  What if you talk for a while and they seem sweet but have horrible spelling and grammar (I mean, come on, the difference between their, they’re and there is not that hard…)? Or what if they turn out to be nothing like their profile suggests?

Receiving a message is just as stressful.  You see that New Message reminder and your mind immediately launches into all the possibilities.  Who is it?  What is it?  Is it a reply?  Someone new saying hello?  What if it’s just another guy trying to hookup (even though your profile specifically says you’re here for relationships and meaningful connects, NOT sex)?  Or maybe it’s some pervert, who’s 40 years your senior, trying to take you out for a night on the town.

I never knew what to expect when I signed into my profile.  Online dating was a more traumatic experience than I had been expecting.

And yet somehow I came out of it on top.  I dealt with my fair (more than) share of perverts, instances of immaturity, and let downs, but somehow in all that I found someone amazing.  Yes, amazing.  It all started when he sent me a message with his cell number.  I texted him the next day, just to be polite (to be honest, I hadn’t really wanted to answer; his message came off so arrogant).  But I did.

And in the 5 months we’ve been together I have never regretted it.  We found love in a hopeless place (did Rihanna just pop into your head too?).

Weekly Writing Challenge: Love in the 21st Century


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