It is amazing the things you can find on your computer.  Old pictures, whether of yourself or photos that tickled your fancy, saved into your library only to have their existence forgotten.  Or written documents, stories started and abandoned or quick thoughts typed out before they flew out of your head, stored but neglected.

There are tons of the above to be found on my computer.  I cleaned out my pictures, and have now started on my documents folder.  And do you know what I discovered?  Buried treasure.  There are so many stories there that I had started and never finished!  I still have the novel I wrote when I was thirteen (four different versions of it at that!) and I found a folder of all of the things I had written for my creative writing course last year.

It made me both happy and sad to find some of the older stories I’ve written.  A few made me laugh.  Others were so good they shocked me.

So I’m curious.  How do you feel when you discover something you’ve written years ago?  How does it make you feel as a writer?  Do you feel you’ve improved since then?  Or do you feel disappointed – like your old work is better than anything you’ve written recently or could hope to write in the future?

I’ve decided to start posting some of my old work up here on my blog (after a little tweaking of course) just for kicks.  So look out for those soon!  I’m interested in what you have to say about them.


4 thoughts on “Discovered

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