Enjoy The Silence

I don’t know how to use my words,
they’re jumbled and useless.
When I speak I wish I hadn’t.
They tumble out unhindered
before my mind catches up.

I’m too nice for my own good,
I aim to please too well.
Pushover, shove over,
I never think about me.

You’ll never know my mind,
I’ll never tell you anything at all.
You won’t know the thoughts I have.
They’re stocked, locked away
like a safe in a forgotten place.

They stay put,
never see the light of day.
But then they get too hard to hide,
bursting from the inside out.
A storm of thoughts
unspoken, pushed back, ignored.
Words scratching at my throat,
fighting to get out,

My thoughts are not my friend.
Always on hyper drive, racing by.
I wish I could turn them off.

And enjoy the silence for once.


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